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Mura'sMeister -

Mura's Seamless

VM Distorsion

Alf's Pwer Sines

L & K's Maxime et Pia

Carolaine CS /In the zipfile

EyeCandy 5 Impact

AAA Foto Frame

>&>Bkj Designer Kaleidoscope


Andrew's Filter Collection 56



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Tubes are of


  TReagen -Graces Sassy

These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups . Or found by me searching on the net.

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so please use any copyright information as needed.

If one of these tubes is yours?

Contact me so I can make a link to your site or remove it .

Thanks Renée



Before you start


Open PSP

Open your material

Open / tubes duplicate and close originals

Open then Minimize the mask in PSP

Put filters in their proper folders.

Brushes and other tools in their respective folders

To import presets Eye candy / Double-click the file it will automatically install





- Let's begin

1. File: Open Image ''renee-arlequin-fond1'' /Promote to background layer Raster 1

2. Layers-Duplicate

3. Effects-Plugins Mura's seamless - Checks with graduation

4. Effects-Plugins Mura's Meister - Perspective Tilling  color #7E0413

5. Effects- Distortion Effects -Punch/Strength 100

6. Activate your Pick Tool ( K) -mode scale -push from the top down to 350 pixels

7.  Effects- Edge Effects- Enhance

8. Activate copie raster 1 : With your magic wand select the empty part

9. Layers-New Raster Layer

10. Material Properties: Foreground color to color: #fcfae1 Backgroundcolor to color : #4c1c1c—Prepare a sunburst gradient configured like this.

11. Flood Fill Tool: Fill the layer with the gradient

-  Keep selections

12. Effects -Plugins VM Distorsion /Flipper 32/39/172

- Keep selections

13.  Effects -Plugins Alf's Power Sines – 2 Cosine Grads

14. Effects-Plugins   L and  K's - Maxime

- Layer Palette: Set the Blend mode to "Luminance (Legacy)"

15. Selections - Deselect all

16.  Open the tube '' SP-Eye-sassyDezines-mist'' /Edit/copy-Edit/paste as a new layer and place

17.  Open the tube « « HarlequinAB-Grace's_TLC'' Image Resize 70% Edit/copy-Edit/paste as a new layer and place

18. Effects-Plugins Eyecandy 6 – perspective shadow-preset '' reflect -square section and choose my preset ''_arlequin-renee''

19. Open the tube ''arlequin-boules '' Edit/copy-Edit/paste as a new layer and place like this

20. Effects -  Distortion Effects -Wave

- Aktivate the top of the Layers palette

21.  Layers-New Raster Layer

22.  Selections - load/save selection - load selection from disk and select '' renee-arlequin-2''Flood Fill Tool: fill the selection with:#b9121a

23. Selections - Deselect all

24. Layers-Duplicate

25. Effects-Plugins Toadies - what are you /20/20 (not take the Toadies in Unlimited)

26. Layers-Merge-Merge Down

27. Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow : 8/5/100/3 black

28. Open the tube ''Grace's_TLC_heart Feelings'' Image Resize 70 %

29. Edit/copy-Edit/paste as a new layer and place

30. Layers-Merge-Merge Down

31. Effects- Distortion Effects- Waves /with the same settings

32. Layers-New Raster Layer

33. Selections - load/save selection - load selection from disk and select ''renee-arlequin-1''

-Flood Fill Tool: fill the selection with: #b9121a

34.Selections - Deselect all

35. Effects -Plugins Unlimited - Carolaine -Cs -Halloween2

36. Effects-Distortion Effects- Warp

37.  Image- Flip

- Layer Palette: Set the Blend mode to "Hard Light "

38. -you put it under the layer of raster 5

- Layer Palette look like this now

39.  Open the tube ''arlequin -fillette metal''. Edit/copy- Edit paste as a new layer and place

40. Effects -Plugins   EyeCandy 5 Impact - Perspective shadow-  Preset   ''cast in front ''

41. Layers- Merge-Merge Visible

42.  Effects-Plugins AAA  Frame   - Foto Frame

43. Layers - Duplicate 2 x you have 3 layers /rename like this

- Activate raster 1 >> 

44.  Effects -Plugins L  and K 's /Pia 10

- Activate raster 2>>

45. Effects-Plugins   Unlimited -&>Bkj Designer Kaleidoscope- 4QFlip Upperl

46. Image Resize 90% (All layers not checked)

47. Effects -Plugins   EyeCandy5-Perspective shadow and choose my - preset ''renee-arlequin-perspective shadow'' and repeat this filter.

**You do not see the effect at this time

48.Activate raster 3 >>Image Resize 80% (All layers not checked)

49. Effects-Plugins - Andromeda – perspective Side walls -It open close

50.- Effects-Plugins    Mura's Meister   / Copies

-stay on raster 3

 51. Effects -Plugins Eye Candy 5 Impact -Black light and choose my -Preset ''renee-arlequin-black light''

52. Image - Add Borders - Symmetric checked: 15 pixels : #ffffff 

53. Image - Add Borders - Asymmetric color: #b9121a

54. Open the tube ''arlequin fillette metal '' .Edit/copy Edit paste as a new layer and place

55.  Open the tube ''Treagen2231_28_09_012''Image Resize 80% .Edit/copy Edit paste as a new layer and place

56. Image - Add Borders - Symmetric checked: 20 pixels white

57. With the magic wand select the border with the 20 pixels

58. Effects-Plugins   Unlimited Andrew's  Filter Collection 56 – A bit left Over Gradient

59. Effects- 3D Effects-Cutout

60. Selections - Deselect all

61. Open the tube " titre" .Edit/copy Edit paste as a new layer and place .Or write your own text : Effects-Plugins Eyecandy 5 Impact  perspective shadow - Preset ''in front''




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