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Medhi - wavy lab


 Forge / Misc -Posterize Lightness

Unlimited -Sapphire Filters 05

Factory Gallery  M -Loom 

Mura's Meister

Flaming Pear

Ulead Effect -Particle

EyeCandy 5


Flaming Pear -Flexify 2




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These tubes are

Liz Verhage

She is a new tubster


These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups Or found by me searching on the net.

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so please use any copyright information as needed

If one of these tubes is yours,

Contact me so I can make a link to your site or remove it

Thanks Renée



Materiel here





Before you start


Open PSP

Open your material

Open / tubes duplicate and close originals

Open then Minimize the mask in PSP

Put filters in their proper folders

Brushes and other tools in their respective folders

To import presets / Double-click the file it will automatically install


For older versions of PSP may be that you are having trouble opening the tubes


Just click OK and the tube can be used.




Let's begin

1. Open a transparent image of 985 x 625 pixels

2. Properties foreground: Color palette : Foreground color #f7e8b1 and Backgroundcolor: #570905

3.  Effects - Plugins Medhi - Wavy lab

4. Effects  -Plugins Simple  -  Top bottom warp

5. Open the tube ''voyage_image_1'' Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer

Blend Mode of this layer:"Overlay" - Opacity to 100

6. Effects -Distorsion Effects-Twirl

7. Activate your bottom layer in your layer palette (raster 1)

8. Selections-Custom selection with these settings

9. Selections-Promote Selection To Layer

- Selections-select none

10. Activate your top layer

11. Effects - Distorsion effects- Lens Distorsion (black color)

12. Blend Mode of this layer "Luminance" and the Opacity to  44%

13  Effects-Plugins Simple - 4 Way Average

14. Effects - Plugins Forge / Misc -Posterize Lightness

15. Stay on the layer selection transformed

16. Selections - load/save selection - load selection from disk and choose ''voyage_1'' / Selections-Promote Selection To Layer

17. Effects- Plugins Unlimited -Sapphire Filters 05/ Sapphire Plugin _0421

18. Effects - Plugins Unlimited Factory Gallery  M -Loom  35/65

Selections-select none

19. Layer Duplicate-Image Mirror /Layers-Merge-Merge Down

Here are my layers

20. Effects - Plugins Mura's Meister - Perspective Tilling

21. Effects- 3D effects-Drop Shadow: 10/10/50/5 black

22. Effects - Distortion Effects- Wave

23. You stay on this layer below(selection transformed)

24. Effects -Geometric Effects- Perspective Horizontal

25. Stay on this layer- Effects - Plugins Transaprency   -Eliminate Black

26. Effects - 3D Effects -  Drop Shadow ( always in memory )

27. Be placed on this layer- (Raster 2)

28. Effects -  Plugins Flaming Pear  - Flood

29. Effects- Edge Effects-Enhance More

30. Be placed on the top layer (Selection transformed 1)

31. Layer-Duplicate

32. Effects - Plugins Ulead Effect -Particle

33. Blend Mode on this layer"Hard Light"and the Opacity to 71%

34. Open the tube ''voyage_image_2''  /Edit/ copy- Edit/ paste as new layer and place

35. Select tool (K) Put like this to 600

36. Layers-New Raster layer

37. Selections - load selection from disk and choose''voyage_2"

38. Effects - Plugins EyeCandy 5 - Glass -Preset ''Clear''

39. Selections-select none

40. Effects - Plugins Mura's Meister - Copies

41. Effects-Plugins Andromeda - Floors - Front viewer


42. Eraser-Tool: Erase the excess right to have this

43. Effects -  Plugins Flaming Pear -     Flexify 2/Preset ''Flexify_-q2_voyage '' or save settings

to bring the preset click on the red arrow

44. Layers-Duplicate

45. Effects  -Plugins EyeCandy5-Imapct  /  BlackLight / Use the preset:Preset ''BlackLight_voyage''

46.Layers-Arrange -Move Down- .Blend Mode of this Layer""Hard Light" and the Opacity 55%

46. Be placed on the top layer / Layers-Merge-Merge Down /Move Tool:Place the tube as shown in the screen below.

47.Be placed on the top of the Layers palette

48. Open the tube ''voyage_image_chaine '' - Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer/and place

Properties foreground: Color palette : Foreground color #5c5c5c

49. Open the Lighten and Darken Brush-Dodge( L) - configured as follows:/Size 185 and the Opacity 76

Giving small strokes in places arrows like this(to clear up the places)

50. Open the tube''voyage_image clou '' / Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer/

Image Mirror -and place

51. Effects - 3D Effects -Drop Shadow 10/10/50/5 black

Layers-Merge-Merge Down

52. Layers-New Raster layer

53. Selections - load/save selection - load selection from disk and choose''voyage_3'' /Flood Fill Tool :Opacity 50 -Fill the selections with white

54. Selections-select none

55. Open the tube ''voyage_image_3'' Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer/and place

56. Open the tube ''voyage_image_terre'' Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer

and place

57. Effects -Plugins EyeCandy 5 -Impact -   Motion trail /Use the preset: Preset   ''voyage -motion _trail''

58. Open the tube ''voyage_hommeassis ''Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer.Move tool:Place move right underneath

59. Effetcts-  Plugins Graphic plus -   Cross Shadow default

60. Open the tube''Lize27'' Image Resize 65% -Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer/ Move tool: Place the tube at the top left

- Opacity of this layer 63%

61. Open the tube ''lize_kameel'' /Image Mirror/Image Resize 75 %-

Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer

62. Open the tube ''voyage_image_chaine2'' / Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer/Move tool: Place the tube

63.Be placed on the raster layer 2 and the Opacity to 100%

64. Open the tube mot "" voyager ""/ Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer/Fill the selection with white. Move Tool : Place the tube as shown in the screen below

65. With Rectangle Selection Tool/Draw a selection around the word - Selections-Modify - Select Selection borders

66. Flood Fill Tool: Fill the selection with white

67. Effects- 3D Effects- Chisel

68. Effects- Image Effects- Seamless Tiling

69.Selections-select none

70.Layers-Merge-Merge Visible

71. Image - add borders symmetric 5 pixels color {Take colors two of the color palette # 570905}

72. Edit copier

73. Image - add borders symmetric 35 pixels white

74.Activate your Magic wand : Click with your magic wand in to the 35 pixels

75.Edit/Past in to te selection(The Image is still in memory)


76. Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur: Radius 50


78. Effects- 3D Effects -Drop Shadow 10/10/50/5 black= refaire -10/-10

79. Selections-select none

80. Image - add borders symmetric 20 pixels white

81. Open the tube ''titre -Edit/copy-Edit/and Paste as a new layer''


That's it !! You've done it !


This lesson was written by Renée 12/12/2013

Created the

le 11/01/2014


Any resemblance with an existing lesson is merely a coincidence


Don't forget to thank the people who work for us and with us. I named the tubeurs - Testers and the translators .

Thank you





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