; } la_petite_robe_noire




The Little Black Dress


Translated by Sally





FM Tile tools

AAA -Frame Fotoframe


ICNET FILTER- Paper texture

EyeCandy 5 Impact


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Tubes are of


Bambou and Corinne Vicair

The others are mine


These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups

Or found by me searching on the net

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so

please use any copyright information as needed

If one of these tubes is yours,

Contact me

so I can make a link to your site

or remove it

Thank you Renee




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Before you start


Open PSP

Open / tubes duplicate and close originals

Open then Minimize the mask in PSP

Put filters in their proper folders

Brushes and other tools in their respective folders

To import presets / Double-click the file it will automatically install



Let's begin

1. Open a transparent image of 995 x 645 pixels

2. Color palette - change the foreground to the linear gradient "#bkg66" and the background color to white

3. Fill the layer with white

4. Layers - new raster layer

sign with the letter M as here with brush tools - airbrush


(If you have problems there is a pspimage in the materials folder - paste as a new layer)

5. Layers - Duplicate layer / Image Mirror / Image Flip

- Merge the layer with the layer below

6. Adjust - blur - radial blur

7. Effects - FM Tile tools / Distortion Carve 2

8. Effects - reflection effect / rotating mirror

9. Open tube "renee_la petite robe noir_photodemaria_thunbold" - paste as a new layer - place against the right edge

10. Effects - User defined filter - preset "sharpen more" - is in the materials file

11. Open tube "nicole_voiture" - Image - resize 65%/ all layers not checked - paste as a new layer

Move to the lower right - lower the opacity to 46

12. Effects - User defined filter - preset - sharpen more

13. Open tube "renee_la petite robe noire_1" - paste as a new layer - move this tube where the text is

14. Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow

15. Close raster 1 / click to activate another layer - Layers - merge visible layers / open raster 1

16. Go back on the merged layer - Image resize 70%/ all layers unchecked

17. Layers - Add a new layer

18. Selection tool - Custom selection

19. Effects - 3-D effect - Cutout / black

20. Selections - select none

21. Layers duplicate - Image mirror / Image flip

You have this in your layers palettes

Layers - Merge layer down

22. Activate raster 2 / Selection tool - Custom selection - (still in memory)

23. Effects - AAA-Frame/ Fotoframe (check Negative and More shadow)

24. Selections - Invert

25. Layers - add a new layer

26. Open tube "renee_lapetiterobenoire_paris_rose" edit/ copy - edit/ paste into selection

27. Effects - Edge effects - enhance

28. Selections - deselect

29. Layers - Add a new layer

30. Selections - load the selection "renee_lapetiterobenoire_1" / fill it with black

31. Selections - Deselect

32. Effects - 3 D effect - Drop shadow/ default

33. Open the tube "robe_noire_macha_mca" mirror image / resize 70% and paste as a new layer

34. Open the tube "tube_corinne_viciaire_parfum_guerlain_04_012" / resize 60% and paste as a new layer in place

35. With the Pen Tool - Line Style "full"/ thickness 4

Draw a line from the hanger to the tube see finished drawing

36. Open the tube "renee_la petite robe noire_lampadaire" - paste as a new layer - place to the left


Save your work and set aside for the moment

We will create our boxes on another layer and save them as pspimages

You can choose between using the Vizros filter or predefined forms which are in the forms folder in the materials folder

If you choose to use Visros here are the instructions

these models may be modified to your taste / here are my models used for this tutorial

- Open a transparent image 500 x500 pixels

- * Open Vizros and select Box. You can adapt the parameters depending on choice and according to the desired shapes

Select the white part with your magic wand - delete

Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize 0/40

Add a New layer

The second form

Select the white part with your magic wand - delete

Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize 0/40

Add a New layer

The second form

Use these parameters

Selections - select none

Image - resize 60%

Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize on 177/20

Effects - ICNet filters unlimited - paper texture - fine canvas

Alter to suit your tastes

Have fun with it

If there are problems - Open the tube "renee_la petite robe noire_ boite" from your file


Back to your main image - Select the top layer

36. Open the boxes you've made and place them according to the finished image

37. Layers - merge down - so that you have only one layer of boxes

38. Layers - Merge visible layers

39. With your pen tool - thickness of your choice - solid line - draw a ribbon like this 

40. Open the tube "renee_la petite robe noire_cage" - paste as a new layer

41. Open the tube "renee_la petite robe noire_parfum_guerlain" - select raster2 - copy - paste as a new layer move above your image

42. Image - add borders 2 pixels black

43. Image - add borders - asymmetrical white

44. Select the white part with the magic wand

45. Effects - ICNet Filters Unlimited - Paper texture / Canvas Fine

46. Selections - Invert

47. Effects - AAA Frames - Foto Frame (Negative and More shadow unchecked)

48. Selections - deselect

49. Open the tube ''renee-la-petite-dress-noirephotographe'' paste the selected tube as a new layer / position to the left

50. Effects - EyeCandy 5 Impact / Reflect in front

51. Open the tube ''renee-the-little-black-dress-projector'' sticking up well - place on top of the work

52. Open the tube ''renee-la-petite-dress-demipub'' edit copy the selected part/ paste as new layer

53. Image Mirror - Effects - 3-D effect - Drop Shadow default

move to a good place like this

54. Open and export the brush ''la_petite_robe_noire'' size 300 / with the foreground color black - place top left

55. Effects - 3-D effect - Drop Shadow default

55. Image - add borders 10 pixels black

56. Image - add borders 3 pixels White

57. 3 white

58. Select the 10 pixels border with the wand

59. Effects - texture effect blinds

60. Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow 10/10/5/50 black

61. selections - select none

62: Open the tube "titre" - paste as a new layer

63. Image - resize to 1150 pixels wide


Lesson over

Thanks Sally

This lesson was written by Renée  29/10/2013

Created  the 15/11/2013

I hope you enjoyed this lesson


Any resemblance with an existing

lesson is merely a coincidence



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Don't forget to thank the people who work for us and with us.
I named the tubeurs - Testers and the translators
Thank you


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