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Some 8BF plugins don’t work.

By using them anomalities can occur or the program can be blocked.

The little free FM Patcher can very often put an end to these problems.

You find it here



These Plugins are used for this Tutorial.

Attention: Put the filter components in your filter folder.


You can find my filters






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Renee Designs



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* Before you start *


Open your material .

1. Install Plugins on C:\ drive

-Put filters in their proper folders

2. Other Tools:

-Mask/ Brushes/ Selections /Presets...etc into the folders of PSP.

Save all other files to a folder of your choice

3. .Feel free to change the Opacity and Blendmode from the layers if you work with different colors.

You can colorize if necessary

To import presets Eye Candy 5 /Double Click on the Eye Candy Preset, for an automatic installation


If a plugin supplied appears with this icon it must necessarily be imported into Unlimited *


For older versions of PSP:

May be that you are having trouble opening the tubes

Just click OK and the tube can be used.





Attention. This lesson was made in Pain shop Pro 2018

but can easily be made in previous versions.

Mail me if you encounter some difficulties. In earlier versions, merging down layers with different blend mode and/or opacity, can result in a slightly different effect .

The option Image - mirror/flip is no longer available in PSP versions newer than X4 - Psp X5- X6- X7 - X8- X9 and 2018 .

There is a new option but this does not give the same result except when the tube/ image covers the whole image from side to side.

Is an easy way to add the old Mirror and Flip options to the Image Menu Please use the script .

You can find it





You are welcome to take this arrow with you, it shows you always where you are (just click and drag)

Have Fun!





- Preparation - Color Palette: Set your foreground color to #961f0e -Set your background color to #ffffff

1. Open your image ‘’ Halloween_La nuit est noire’’/ Window - Duplicate (or shift+D) - Close the original and proceed on the copy -Promote Background Layer = Raster 1

2. Effects –Plugins – FM Tiles Tools – Blend Emboss using the default settings

3. Effects –Plugins -ICNETFILTERS - Buttons & Frames- Rectangular Button

4. Effects – Distortion Effects – Pixelate

5. Effects - Plugins -Unlimited - Andrew's Filters 9- Glassy Kind...

6. Layers- Duplicate

7. Effects –Plugins – Filter AP [Distort] Distort Lineup  (other version AP 09 )

8. Effects – Plugins – Mirror rave – Quadrant Flip  using the default settings

-  Activate in the layer palette Raster 1

9. Layers- Arrange- Bring to Top

10. Adjust-Blur- Gaussian Blur: Radius : 45

- Repeat :Adjust-Blur -Gaussian Blur with the same settings

11. Layers- New Mask layer from Image and select Mask‘’Renee_masque_La nuit noire’’

- Layers- Duplicate

- Layers- Merge- Merge Group

12. Layers-Properties-Set the Blend Mode to " Screen'

13. Adjust- Color-Fade Correction-Amount of correction 24

- Activate the layer underneath ( Copy of Raster 1)

14. Layers- Duplicate

15. Effects –Plugins – Mura’s meister – Perspective Tilling use the settings below -Color black

Your work and Layer Palette look like this now-You should have this result

16. Selections –load/save selection –load selection from disc and select my selection: ‘’ Halloween_La nuit_ est_ noire_1’’

DELETE 3 times

17. Layers- New Raster Layer

18. Activate Flood Fill Tool and fill the selection with the background color #ffffff

Selections- Deselect All

19. Effects- Distortion Effects- Ripple with these settings

20. Layers-Properties-Set the Blend Mode to " Screen'

- To replace the top of the layer- palette

21.Open your tube ‘’ Renee_la_nuit_noires-Tubes_DECOS’’( Do not close)

- Open the tube ‘’bibliotheque’’

- Edit - Copy- Activate your work -Edit - Paste as a new layer.

- Activate Move Tool (M) move it a little at the top of your image

22. Use the tube to decorate the library according to your wishes.

- In the supplies are the following:

-Several Books

-3 Tails ( Choose any or all that is of interest to you.)

- 3 Cats

- Skull

Place it in the library to beautify them

23.If you want to change the color of "books" or other things

- Flood fill Tool (F) >> Activate Color Changer Tool

- Put the selected replacement color in the foreground of the color palette

and apply to each part you wish to modify

- When you have everything set to your liking you must have this if you place them like me

(attention to the empty part shown on capture below '' important '' for the choice of the tube used in this work )

24. Open your tube ‘’ Renee_tubes_Halloween_2017.pspimage’’

- Activate the layer ‘’pour le tuto_nuit_noire’ of the tube

- Edit - Copy- Activate your work -Edit - Paste as a new layer.

- Move as shown in the example below

25. Open your tube ‘’ Renee_la nuit_noire_chat.png’’

- Edit - Copy- Activate your work -Edit - Paste as a new layer.

- Move as shown in the example below

26. Activate Pen Tool - with these settings

Set your foreground color to black - Draw a line as shown in the example below(Layers- Convert to raster layer )

27. Open your tube’’ Renee_la nuit_noire_Flacon.png’’

- Edit - Copy- Activate your work -Edit - Paste as a new layer.

- Move Tool (M) move the tube on the bottom right corner

28. Layers- Merge- Merge Visible

29.Image - Add borders: Symmetrical NOT checked #ffffff

30. Open your tube ‘’ Renee_la nuit_noire_Fleches.png’’

- Edit - Copy- Activate your work -Edit - Paste as a new layer.

31. Objects-Align-Top

32. Open the tube ‘’ Renee_la_nuit_noire-Tube_deco_finale.png’’

- Edit - Copy- Activate your work -Edit - Paste as a new layer.

33. Open the "text ‘’Halloween.png’’

-Edit - Copy- Activate your work -Edit - Paste as a new layer and move

34. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked 1 pixels #ffffff

35. Activate Text Tool -Font of your choice ''write   "La nuit est noire" -"The night is black" Color and shadow according to your choice

36. Image Resize to 950 Pixels width


If you want to add the animation ... then continue


-        Open your work in the animation shop. Duplicate twice

-        Edit - Select all

-        Open the animation ''Renee-animation-Halloween .gif '' in your Animation shop

-      Animation-Resize the animation to 250 x 395 pixels

-        Edit - Select all– Editer Copy

-        Activate your work

-       Paste into selected frame

-       The animation is now hanging on your mouse. Place it in the top right corner

-        This tutorial is done - save it as gif





I hope you enjoyed this lesson


This lesson was written by Renée 12/09/2017

Edited and Update



Any resemblance with an existing lesson is a coincidence

* Do not forget to thank the people who work with us and for us I have appointed the tubeurs and translators





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