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La langue ne devrait jamais être un obstacle à la créativité.

Language should never be an obstacle for creativity.

La lingua non dovrebbe mai essere un ostacolo alla creatività.

Sprache sollte niemals ein Hindernis für Kreativität sein.

Taal mag nooit een obstakel voor creativiteit zijn.

El lenguaje nunca debe ser un obstáculo para la creatividad.


In [Dutch translated ] by Marion


In [English translated ] by Marion


In [Italien translated ] by Magdy


 In [German translated ] by Marion



In [spanish translated] by Evalynda





These Plugins are used

Medhi-   Here

Flaming Pear –Flexify 2  Here

Mura’s Meister   Here

 Xero   Here

Bordermania  Here

FM Tile Tools   Here

Axion   Here

Lokas filter into the zipfile with the keygen


You can find my filters here





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Material here



This lesson was made in Paint Shop Pro 2020 Ultimate But can easily be made in previous versions.



You are welcome to take this arrow with you, it shows you always where you are


Let's start the lesson.

Happy Halloween 2020


- Preparation

- Material Properties: Set your foreground color to color #e0e0e0= 1 – Set your background color to color #094f87= 2


1. File: Open a new transparent Image 1100 x 650 Pixels

2. Effects – Plugins – Medhi- Wavy Lab 1.1 use the settings below

3. Effects –Plugins- Unlimited 2.0- VM Distorsion – Vision Impossible using the default settings

4. Effects –Plugins- Unlimited 2.0- VM Toolbox- Instant Tile: 77/31

-. Repeat this filter with the same settings

5. Effects -Plugins- Unlimited 20. - Kiwis Oelfilter – Neontraum use the settings below

6. Open the tube ‘’ Halloween 2020-Image1 ‘’ -Edit - Copy -Activate your work- Edit - Paste as new layer

7. Effects- Image Effects- Seamless Tiling use the settings below

8. Effects – Plugins- Flaming Pear –Flexify 2 use the settings below

9. Layers- New Raster Layer

10. Set your Foreground color to color #ffffff=4

Activate Flood Fill Tool - Fill the Layer with the Foreground color =4

11. Layers- New Mask Layer- From Image and select Mask ‘’ @nn_051013_mask_310_tdstudio.jpg’’

- Layers- Merge- Merge Group

12. Effects – Plugins – Mura’s Meister – Perspective Tiling use the settings below

13. Layers- Duplicate

14. Effects – Distortion Effects- Wave use the settings below

15. Open the tube ‘’ Halloween2020-Image2’’ -Edit - Copy -Activate your work, Edit - Paste as new layer

16.Pick Tool: (K) on your keyboard -Enter these parameters for the X:-49 and Y: 80 positions on the Toolbar

 -49 / 80

Press ( M) to close the Pick Tool

17. Effects – Plugins – Xero – Porcelain use the settings below

18. Layers- New Raster Layer

19. Selections –load/save selection –load selection from disc and select my selection: ‘’Halloween-202-1’’

Set your Foreground color to color #a31000=3

- Activate Flood Fill Tool – Fill the Selection with the Foreground color =3

Selections- Deselect All

20. Effects – Plugins- Bordermania – Filter Options Round Button # 1 use the settings below

21. Effects – Plugins – FM Tile Tools – Saturation Emboss using the default settings

22. Layers-Properties-Lower the Opacity to 71%

23. Layers- New Raster Layer

24. Selections –load/save selection –load selection from disc and select my selection:’’’Halloween-202-2’’

25.Set your Foreground color to color #ffffff=4

Activate Flood Fill Tool -Fill the Selection with the Foreground color=4

Selections- Deselect All

26. Effects – Plugins– Mura’s Meister – Copies use the settings below

27. Effects - Distortion Effects– Polar Coordinates- Rectangular to Polar- Wrap

28. Effects – Distortion Effects– Wind- Wind direction from right-Wind strength 68

29. Effects- User Defined Filter – Emboss 3  - Using the default settings

30. Layers- New Raster Layer

31. Effects – Plugins – Axion – Lens Flare

- Attention -Click on Load Setttings and select >>>LW.LNS  and OK

- Now use the settings below

 and OK

32. Layers-Properties-Change the Blend Mode to "Screen "

- Put the image aside for now, we will need it later

33. Open a new white image of 350 x 500 - Promote Background Layer

34. Effects- Texture Effects - Weave use the settings below Color White and #094f87=2

35. Activate the Magic Wand with these settings - select the grid like this (zoom in if necessary)

36. Selections – Invert


37. Selections - Invert

38. Effects-3D Effects -Inner Bevel use the settings below-Color White

39. Effects- Plugins – Lokas sofware – Metal

Attention for this filter

- Unzipp and Install the filter Lokas

- Open the filter -Click on A so that the code window opens

- Open the Keygen from the folder

-Copy the number (looks like this)

- Ctrl + V to copy and paste the code in place

- Click OK

- Click Cancel

- Close PSP and reopen PSP/Now the filter is ready for use / Use the settings as shown in the example below

  Click  >>OK

Selections- Deselect All

40. Edit- Copy !!! (grid) (If the step above does not work, you will find an image in the folder ( grid reserve image)

- Activate your minimized image of point 32

41. Edit - Paste as new layer

42. Objects - Align – Right-Objects- Align –Bottom

43. Effects- Geometric Effects-Perspective Horizontal use the settings below

44. The decoration

- Renee used these tubes ‘’Halloween2020- /Image3 /Image4 / Image 5 and Image 6’’-Edit-Copy-Edit- Paste as a new layer and place the decorative elements individually according to your taste

(I have different layers with decorations that you can use)

45. Open the tube ‘’ Renee_TUBES_Halloween-2020’’ -Edit - Copy -Activate your work, Edit - Paste as new layer

46. Image- Resize by 80% ( Resize all the layers NOT checked !) - Place it at the bottom right

47. Layers- Arrange -Move Down – (Place it under Raster 7 ( Grid )

- Activate the bottom of the Layer-Palette = Raster 1

48. Effects –Plugins- Unlimited 2.0- Kiwis Oelfilter - 3,5 Promille using the default settings

49. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked: 1 Pixel Color Black

50. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked: 25 Pixels Color White

51. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked: 2 Pixels Color Black

52. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked: 50 Pixels Color White

53. Activate the tube "Titre/Text "- Edit-Copy-Edit- Paste as a new layer on your working area / Ore write your own text

54. Open the tube ‘’ deco renee halloween cadre’’ -Edit - Copy -Activate your work, Edit - Paste as new layer

55. Objects – Align - Bottom

56. Layers- Merge- Merge All

57. Image -Resize to 1005 Pixels width.

Save as JPG file and you're done!



I hope you enjoyed this lesson


This lesson was written by Renée 08-07-2020

Edited and Update

in 2020


Any resemblance with an existing lesson is a coincidence

* Do not forget to thank the people who work with us and for us I have appointed the tubeurs and translators

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