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L and K's / Zitah

Ap01(Innovation )

VM Distorsion

Mura's Meister

Andews 1/Boxed

ICNET Unlimited / Color Filters

Vanderlee -Unplugged X

EyeCandy 5 -Impact

Graphic plus



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These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups Or found by me searching on the net

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so please use any copyright information as needed

If one of these tubes is yours,

Contact me
so I can make a link to your site or remove it

Thank you Renee



Material here





Before you start


Open PSP

Open / tubes duplicate and close originals

Open then Minimize the mask in PSP

Put filters in their proper folders

Brushes and other tools in their respective folders

To import presets / Double-click the file it will automatically install



Let's begin


1. Open a transparent image of 985 x 645 pixels

2. Colour palette: foreground to: #930000 and the background color to black

3.Flood Fill Tool: Fill the layer with black

4.Effects - Plugins L an K's / Zitah /repeat 1x

5. Layers - New raster layer

6. Selections-Custom selection with this setting

7. With your colors starting to prepare a linear / gradient configured like this

8. Flood Fill Tool: Fill the selection with your gradient

9. Effects- Plugins L and K's   / zitah /with the same settings but controle 0 is 4 (make only one time)

10. Selections-Modify-Contract- Select-Selection Borders

11. On the same layer fill black and the gradient

Selections -Select none

12. Effects - 3D Effects -Drop Shadow 10/10/50/5  color white and / repeat -10/-10

13. Effects - Plugins Simple - Diamonds

14. Open the tube ""132_femme_cheveux_blanc_animabelle'' colelr. Edit/Copy-Edit/paste as a new Layer

Effects - Image Effects- Offset H= -300 et V =  -3

15. Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur: Radius 38

16. Effects-Plugins Ap01(Innovation ) Lines Silverling

17. Effects- Plugins VM Distorsion- Circulator

18. Layers-Duplicate/Image-Mirror

19. Layers-Merge-Merge Down

Effects-Plugins Eye Candy 5 -Blacklight -Preset''levitation_light''

20. Image -Resize 80% Resize all layers -> NOT CHECKED

21. Be placed on the layer Raster 2

22. Effects - Plugins Mura's Meister -Perspective Tilling default

23. With the Select Tool (K) Move Down as follows 525 pixels high

24. On this layer - Distortsion Effects -Twirl/ Degrees  135

You should have this result

25. Activate your Top layer

26. Layers-New raster layer

27. Selections –load/save selection –load selection from disc and choose ''levitation_1''

28. Open the tube ''13_baroque_animabelle'' Edit/Copy-Edith/Paste into selection

29. Layers - new raster layer

30. Effects- 3D Effects-Butonnize

31. Selections -Select none

32. Layers-Merge-Merge Down

33. Open the tube ''Krysfantasqique15 exclusif Renée '' Edit/Copy-Edit/paste as a new Layer and place

34. Layers - New raster layer

35. Colour Palette: change your backgroundcolor white/the same linear gradient 0/0

36.Selections-Custom selection with this setting

37. Floot Fill Tool: Fill the selection with the gradient

38. Effects - Plugins AP01 (innovation)/ Line silverling


40. Effects-Plugins Unlimited 2.0 / Andews 1/Boxed

41. Selections - Select none

42. Selections –load/save selection –load selection from disc and choose ''levitation _2''

Selections / Delete

43. Selections - Select none

44. Effects -Plugins ICNET Unlimited / Color Filters - Sunshine  220/101

45. Effects-Plugins Mura's Meister - Copies

46. Colour Palette-Forground color white

47. Layers-New raster layer

48. Effects -Plugins Vanderlee -Unplugged X /45°rectangle

49. Effects- Geometric Effects / Circle - transparent

50. Image mirror/ Opacity 71%

You are there in your layers palette

51. Effects -Plugins   L  and K's -  Trouble

52. Colour palette: foreground to white and the background color to black

Prepare a radial gradient configured like this

53 Layers - new raster layer

54. Open the ''pinceau _squares_15 001.jpg'' - File-Export-and Custum Brush give a name -''pinceau _squares_15 001''

Paint Brush Tool with this setting

Place it with your gradient colour on your image as in the example

55. Effects -Plugins Eye Candy 5- Blacklight /Preset  ''levittaion_light_2''

56. Effects - Image Effects-Enhance

57. Effects -Plugins Graphic plus - Horizontal Mirror

"If you have problems there is a pspimage in the materials folder - paste as a new layer"

58. Open the tube''fille_levitation'' Edit/ copy- Edit/ paste as new layer

move to a good place like this

59. Blend Mode of this layer "Screen"

60. Image - Add Borders - Symmetric checked 2 pixels and color: #930000

61. Image - Add Borders - Symmetric checked 45 pixels white

62. Open your tube ''coin_levitation ''Edit/ copy- Edit/ paste as new layer. Place to the left

63. Effects-3D Effects-Drop Shadow 0/0/100/50 black

64. Layers-Duplicate/Image-Mirror/Image-Flip

65. Image - Add Borders - Symmetric checked 2 pixels color #930000

66. Image - Add Borders - Symmetric checked 2 pixels color #ffffff

67. Image - Add Borders - Symmetric checked 2 pixels color #930000

Open and Copy your titre past as a new Layer

- Open your Text Tool ''3 D Gothic'' and write your own text

That's it !! You've done it !

This lesson was written by Renée!




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