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Flaming Pear -Flood
Eye Candy 5 – Extrude
AAA  Frame- Foto Frame

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Baby  and of Logane-Thafs

tub" just for this tutorial


These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups Or found by me searching on the ne

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so please use any copyright information as needed

If one of these tubes is yours,

Contact me

so I can make a link to your site or remove it

Thanks Renée



Before you start


Open PSP

Open / tubes duplicate and close originals

Open then Minimize the mask in PSP Put filters in their proper folders

Brushes and other tools in their respective folders

To import presets / Double-click the file it will automatically install


For older versions of PSP may be that you are having trouble opening the tubes


Just click OK and the tube can be used



On commence

1. Open the image fond'' steampunk-2032'' promote to background layer

2.Color palette : Foreground color: #4f6a74 Background color #ebec32

3. In Background - set a radial gradient like this with these colors

4. Layers - new raster layer

5. Selections-Custom selection with these settings

6. Fill the selection with the gradient

7.Selections - select none

8.Adjust-Blur-Radial Blur

9. Layers - new raster layer

10. Selections - Load Selection ''renee_2031_1'' Fill the layer with the gradient

11. Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur 10

12. Selections - Select none

13. Effects – Plugins - Flaming Pear - Flood -attention: looking at GLUE=hard light

14. Put (for me raster 2) Blend mode to "Hard Light"

15. This is your layer palette"

16.Activate the top layer in the Layers palette

17. Open the tube ''renee_2032_image_1'' edit/copy-edit/and Paste as a new layer

18. Repeat: Effects-Plugins Flaming Pear Flood- attention: looking at Glue=lighten

19. Blend Mode of this layer: "Luminance Legacy"

20. Layers - new raster layer

21. Selections - load selection from disk ''renee_2032_2''

22.Flood Fill tool: Fill the selection with color #cbcc10

Keep the selection

23.Layers - new raster layer

24.Open tube tube ''SD SM GUTS2 ''edit/ copy - edit/ paste into selection

25 Blend mode to "Hard Light" / Layers-Merge-Merge Down

26. Airbrush tool with these settings

27. Layers - new raster layer

28. Make 2 small circles with this color #cbcc10 see Example

29. Selections - select none

30. Layers-Merge-Merge Down

31. Effects- Plugins Eye Candy 5 – Extrude/Preset ''renee_2032_extrude''

32.Activate your (K) -Looking at the toolspreset my preset''renee_2032_deform'' that you have placed in your folder of PSP presets, see example below

- Click to edit the preset

33. Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow with this color #372f2e

34.  Open tube ''girafe_steampunk_renee'' This tube I can get Logane tube Logane and the tube''loganne_steampunk3_02decembre2012''

 Thank you for this wonderful Logane tube you have created for the lesson

35.The tube girafe Image - resize 65%/ all layers not checked - edit/copy-edit /paste as a new layer

36. Layers - new raster layer

37.Selections - load selection from disk''renee_2032_3''

38. Open tube ''renee_2302_image_2'' edit/ copy - edit/ paste into selection

39.Selections - select none

40.Layers-Arrange-Move Down

- Stay on this layer

- Open tube ''renee_2032_image_3 ''edit/ copy - edit/paste as a new layer .see Example

- This is your layer palette

42. Activate your top layer in your layer palette

43.Open tube ''renee_2032_usine 'Image Resize to 90% edit/ copy - edit/paste as a new layer

44.Blend mode to "Hard Light" and activate your Eraser tool, with these settings

- Carefully: Clear the small vertical line from bottom to top of your Eraser tool

45. Open tube ''baby_divers17'' Image flip / Image Resize to 35% edit/ copy - edit/paste as a new layer

46. Blend Mode of this layer "Hard Light" and the opacity to: 88%

47. Open tube ''renee_2032_construction arrivée eau

All components are already reduces to 55%

*Take all the parts to build the incoming water*

*Note: make sure that all components nicely together*

48.Open tube ''renee_2032_image_4 ''edit/ copy - edit/paste as a new layer

*you have this construction

49. Layer - Arrange-move down twice

50. Activate the top of the Layers palette

51. Open tube ''renee_2032_image_5''/edit/copy- edit/paste as a new layer and place

52. Layers-Merge-Merge visible

53.Effects - Plugins -AAA Frame - Foto Frame

54. Layers - new raster layer

55.  Effects- Artisticeffects-Balls and Bubbles /Take my preset   ''renee_preset_2032_bulles'' and click OK ( Preset is in the zip folder and enter the settings for your PSP)

56. Selections - Load selection from disk ''renee_2032_4''

57. Delete

58. Selections - select none

59.Layers-Merge-Merge all layers

60. Image-Canvas size with these settings

61.Tools-Selection: select the 275 pixels to the right of the rectangle selection(S)

62. Layers - new raster layer 
63.Open tube ''renee_couleur '' edit/ copy - edit/ paste into selection
64. Selections - select none
65. Open tube ''ecklace°by_asunder_thafs'' Image Resize to 50%  /Image flip-edit/ copy - edit/paste as a new layer
66.  Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow  5/2/50/2 black
67.Open tube ''logane_steampunk1-02decembre 2012''Image Resize to 75% edit/ copy - edit/paste as a new layer
*Repeat the drop shadow
68.  Image ajouter des bordures de 10 pixels black
69.Open tube titre edit/ copy - edit/paste as a new layer
70. Layers-Merge-Merge all layers
71.Image Resize to  90%

Lesson over Thanks


This lesson was written by Renée

Created  the




Any resemblance with an existing lesson is merely a coincidence


Don't forget to thank the people who work for us and with us. I named the tubeurs - Testers and the translators Thank you



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