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Neology /Vasalery mosaic

Frischluft   /Mosaic plane V.1/    Glass sphère

Richard Roseman Lens corrector pro -v 1.2

FMTile tools /Blend emboss

Eye Candy 5/ Black light/  glass

Xero /porcelaine



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JHanna- OnlineGraphic-

These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups Or found by me searching on the net

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so please use any copyright information as needed

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Material here click




Before you start


Open your material

Open / tubes duplicate and close originals

Open then Minimize the mask in PSP

Put filters in their proper folders


Brushes and other tools in their respective folders

To import presets / Double-click the file it will automatically install.

For older versions of PSP may be that you are having trouble opening the tubes

Just click OK and the tube can be used

Thanks Renée



Let's begin


1. Open a transparent image of 950 x 600 pixels

2. Colour palette: Foregroundcolor: #de9e70 Backgroundcolor: #efcbb1

3. Prepare a linear gradient configured like this

4. Flood fill your transparent layer with your gradient

5. Effects -Plugins Neology /Vasalery mosaic  at 79

6. Effects   - Plugins Frischluft - Mosaic Plane V1.1

7. Effects -Edge effects-Enhance More

8. Layers / Duplicate.

9. Effects -Plugins Frischluft the same parameters

10. Effects - Edge effects-Enhance More

11. Image -Free Rotate Free 90° Right

12. Effects -Plugins Frischluft /Glass sphere V1.1  black

13.Layers - new raster layer

14. Selections - load/save selection - load selection from disk and choose '' @renee lamilla''/ Flood fill your layer with your foreground colour

15. Selections - select none /Blend Mode of this layer "Multiply"

16. Effects - Plugins Richard Rosenman - Lens Corrector Pro

17. Effects - Edge effects-Enhance More

18. Effects - Distortion Effects- Wave

19. Layers / Duplicate. / Image mirror/ Layers-Merge-Merge Down

20. Selections - Select all- Select Float- Select-Defloat

21. Layers - New Raster Layer

22. Effects - 3D Effects - Cutout

23. Selections - select none - Layers-Merge-Merge Down

24. Effects - 3D Effects / dropshadow , with these settings   0/0/50/20 black

25. Effects - 3D Effects -  Butonnize

26. Stay on top of the layer in your layer palette

27. Open the tube " lamilla-effet1"/ Edit/ copy- Edit/ paste as new layer

28. Blend Mode of this layer "Hard Light" and the opacity to 38%

29. Layers-Arrange-Move Down

-This is the result

30. Open the tube ''blue planet modifié '' Edit/ copy- Edit/ paste as new layer (it is the right place)

31. Blend Mode of this layer "Luminance" /and the opacity to 77 %

32. Effects-Plugins  FMTiles Tools /Blend emboss default

33. Activate your bottom layer in your layer palette ( raster 1 ) Layers-Duplicate/ closing eye raster 1 be placed on another layer

34. Layers-Merge-Merge Visible

Open your layer again

35. Be placed on the merged layer. Image resize 75% . Resize all the layers NOT checked

36. Effects - Plugins Eye candy 5 Impact /Black light  - Preset   '' lamilla _1"

37. Open the tube "JHanna_153_tube_220503 "/ Image resize 82 % Edit/ copy- Edit/ paste as new layer

38. Effects -Plugins Xero XL-  Porcelaine effects

39. Open the tube ''lamilla coin droit'' .Edit/ copy- Edit/ paste as new layer /Move on the line, see example

Blend Mode on this layer: "Luminance (Legacy)

40.Open the tube ''soleil 25040071757 '' Edit/ copy- Edit/ paste as new layer

-place at the bottom right

41. Blend Mode on this layer "Overlay" and the opacity to 87%

42. Effects -Edge effects-Enhance

43. Properties foreground: Foregroundcolor to #efcbb1  and Backgroundcolor   #634c40

44. Layers-Merge-Merge Visible

45. Image - add borders symmetric 2 pixels  backgroundcolor: #634c40

46. Image - add borders symmetric 45 pixels foregroundcolor: #efcbb1

47. Image - add borders symmetric 3 pixels backgroundcolor

48. Prepare a linear gradient configured like this

49. Magic wand Click with your magic wand in the 45 pixels .Flood Fill Tool: Fill the selection with your gradient

50. Selections-Promote selection To layer

51. Effects - Plugins MV's Plugin/ Pano Warp/ (if problems with this filter I added you in the effect of the frame tube folder)

Selections-Select none

If trouble to write the tube is in png file

52. Text Tool: Font Apollo size 100 pixels and Stroke Wigth 3

Write text ''Lamilla ''

Effects - Plugins EyeCandy 5 Impact -Preset ''lamilla_glass"


- Text Tool: Font Apollo/ size 85 -thickness - Create as Vector

Write 2 on this layer (go to the top menu of your psp )

- Objects >Convert Text to Curvers>choose= As single shape

well back in your layers palette>Click on the Vector Layer(V Click to open the Writing menu)

Write the numbers for 2013

you get this in writing 2

then click on the layer number 2 then write 0 and so on for 2013

 53. Convert to raster layer

 54. Effects-Plugins Eye candy 5 glass /Preset ''lamilla_glass"t

55. Layers / Duplicate.

56. Effects- Distortion Effects /Twirl ad 500

57. Image Mirror-Image Flip

58. Layers-Merge-Merge Visible

59. Open the tube ''lamilla_effet2 '' Edit/ copy- Edit/ paste as new layer and place

60. Image - add borders symmetric 30 pixels backgroundcolor

61. Magic wand Click with your magic wand in the 30 pixels /Selections-Invert

62. Effects - 3D Effects / dropshadow , with these settings 3/5/75/35black repeat in negative  -3/-5

63. Selections-select none

That's it !! You've done it !

This lesson was written by Renée!

Write the 5/2012

Created the 2/11/2013


I am part of tutorial writers inc.

My tutorials are regularly recorded



Any resemblance with an existing lesson is merely a coincidence

Don't forget to thank the people who work for us and with us. I named the tubeurs - Testers and the translators Thank you


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